Banishing Stigma Around Counselling

Therapy is useful for a variety of stresses and issues facing most people at some time in their lives. A 2004 Harris poll, showed that 27 percent of adults received mental health treatment in the two years before the survey was conducted. In the same time period, upwards of 30 million sought psychotherapy..

Even so, stigma around counselling and mental illness has a long history and remains as an issue for many. But mental health issues need not be fraught with judgment any more than other medical illness, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc..

The good news is that the majority of the time people can get effective treatment and live healthy and satisfying lives no matter the source of their psychological discomfort. That’s especially important to keep in mind because counsellors can provide effective support and relief when life proves challenging.

A large portion of people I see are seeking support for reducing stress or improving their relationships.  In fact most of them don’t have what the medical field would classify as a mental illness.  Everyday stressors and life challenges are present in most people’s lives.  Getting support from a professional with an unbiased and experienced perspective makes good common sense when pressures become too much.  While some people feel that seeking help shows weakness, what’s most important is that intelligent people are making the most out of their lives by gaining the right assistance when it’s most needed.

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