Rewire Your Brain: Cutting Edge Brain Science.

Current findings in brain research show that we can rewire our brains through intentional focus. For instance focusing on positive experiences is one of the many ways we can actually build new neural pathways for greater peace and health.  Remembering good times or visualizing things that were particularly rewarding are some of the ways to support brain health.

Another way that we can rewire our brain is to enhance our brain chemistry through the love we bring into our lives. Novelty or new experiences enhance dopamine and norepinephrine which support pleasurable feelings, mood and brain function in general.  New relationships bathe our brains in these positive chemicals and feelings.  Unfortunately over time the novelty may wear off.  This is why it’s important to bring new energy, fun, surprises, and activities such as vacations and new hobbies into a relationship to keep filling our needs for growth.

After all, as Normal Doidge, MD PhD points out our “brains are evolved to learn.”  See more about what he has to say, and what other scientists and psychologist can teach us about how to optimize our brain health and happiness.  Click here for NICABM’s blog and other resources such as free webinars.  If you would like to listen to the next brain science webinar this Wednesday the 15th of April at 2:00 PST go to this link.

Just listening and learning about these scientific breakthroughs will help you to rewire your brain.  How cool is that!



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