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Depression, Anxiety, Anger

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We all experience ups and downs in mood every now and then.  When depression, anxiety, anger, or our ability to relate and function persists for long periods they become cause for concern.  One of the most effective tools for improving one’s mood is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), including mindfulness approaches.

When using CBT we’ll focus on restructuring thought patterns, and taking actions for increased satisfaction and enjoyment in life. We’ll focus more on our present thoughts and actions rather than the past.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) focuses on the core principle that when we accept that which we can’t control – other people’s behaviour, for instance – and commit to action that improves our lives, we maximize our potential for a full and meaningful existence.  When we clarify values and goals and apply the following core principals to our lives, our health flourishes

  • The skill of Mindfulness is taught to support our ability to deal with painful emotions and focus on our intentions. Mindfulness is a state in which we are more fully present right here and right now.
  • Defusion supports our ability to detach from unhelpful thoughts, instead of getting lost in and caught up in them.
  • Acceptance supports us to open up to painful feelings in ways that give us compassion, allowing distressful emotions to move through consciousness without draining our energy.
  • The Observing Self is the part of the mind that is aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours moment to moment. Mindfulness skills build this capacity.
  • Values are what you deeply cherish in life. Through clarifying what is really important and meaningful to you and those you love,  these values become a guide for the intentions and commitments you make.
  • Committed action occurs when you use your values to guide your actions, even when it’s uncomfortable.