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Child and Family Therapy

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toysAre you finding it difficult to have the loving connections you crave with your children and family?

Connection to self, family, and community helps make life rich and rewarding.  With my support you can receive relationship guidance for partners, family, and other community members.  Therapy focusses on what’s important to your heart, both with your family and friends, and those you want to bond with in your greater community.

Potential approaches that we may draw upon include:

FAMILY THERAPY – Beliefs identification and restructuring of a family’s systems of interaction are important areas of focus for building upon strengths, wisdom and a wider system of support.

NARRATIVE THERAPY – helps family members to understand the stories or themes that have shaped their lives. Some families stories are  imbued with negativity.  If that’s the case, we’ll examine them and work to build new positive stories by separating the problems of the past from the person you are now.  This allows us to create healthier ways of shaping your story as you move forward.

SOLUTION FOCUSED THERAPY – explores strategies for success – what works for you and others –  as you begin to see all the possibilities for greater hope and peace.  From this new perspective you can then create a vision of the life you want and start taking steps toward your well-deserved success.


Are you and your partner or co-parent having conflict about how your  children should be raised?

Fights between parents can be painful and harmful to a child’s healthy development.  Gain support with communication, parenting, co-parenting, separation, and blended families. I’m committed to helping you create greater happiness and joy for you and your family.


With children, we often need to take a different approach.  Play is a language that children understand most readily. A rich variety of imaginative and expressive play materials – puppets, dolls, clay, drawing, painting, sand, and miniature objects – can help relieve the emotional distress of most children.   Through self-discovery and self-expression a young person can integrate stressful experiences becoming stronger and more resilient human beings.

I would encourage you to contact me with questions or to make an appointment.  I look forward to meeting you.