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You can gain peace, calm and focus in just a minute when practicing Inner Balance using the app, or for free with the companion tool. Yes! You truly can and there’s a great deal of research showing how effective the Inner Balance tool is.

I was recently reminded of the calming power of the app called “Inner Balance,” and the companion tool created at the “Heartmath Institute” called “Quick Coherence.” Over the past several years I’ve used these tools in my own life as a means for balance and have recommended them to many of my clients who’re striving to release stress and excessive tension from their lives. When people decide to devote a few minutes a day to this practice, what I hear is that it’s a simple and very effective way to regulate emotions and gain harmony. Those who integrate it are always grateful that they prioritized this step for just a few minutes a day.

I learned recently that my family doctor, Dr. Kirsten, a very well regarded and brilliant Primary Doctor recommends this app to his patients who are suffering from stress, irritability, anger, and anxiety. There are so many methods and tools for managing stress and learning to focus. This one comes well researched and you can use it with or without the biofeedback tool or sensor that connects to your phone, ipad, or computer. Prices for the device vary depending upon the tool you’re interested in and are available through the Heartmath Institute ( ) or at

If you want to use the Quick Coherence focus tool, which can be used for free simply using your own inner senses to tell you how it’s working, you can read more about Quick Coherence online at

A summary of the method is as follows:

  1. Heart Focus. Focus on the area around your heart, put your hand there if you like.
  2. Heart Breathing. Breath deeply but normally as if you feel the breath going in and out of your heart.
  3. Heart Feeling. Connect with a loving or positive feeling that you get when in a special place or with a loved person or pet.
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